Simple Predictable Pricing

Base Price


You never pay until you start getting value out of

Active Connections Price

$1 / connection / month

When your users connect your app to another app and actively use the connection for running integration flows, we will charge you $1 / month per connection starting 2nd month of its usage (this makes trial users free). When users stop using a connection, we'll stop charging you.

Integrated Apps Price

When your users have more than 10 Active Connections for a given Integrated App, we'll charge you a monthly fee for the app. Fee per app gets lower as you use more integrated apps.

# of Integrated Apps

Price per app

1- 8
$200 / month
9 - 32
$150 / month
$100 / month

If you plan to integrate with A LOT of apps, we also provide an UNLIMITED plan for $12500 / month.